Kaimaktsalan Ski Center

The term Kaimaktsalan located in Pella Prefecture , 54 km from the city of Edessa with its beautiful waterfalls . Open from early November to early May . Known to be one of the few ski resorts in Greece with long duration snow . The ski slopes are many kilometers and different levels of difficulty. The Ski Kaimakatsalan is the third highest mountain in Greece , the first Olympus to 2,917 meters , followed by Smolikas 2,637 meters and Mount Kaimaktsalan with altitude 2,524 meters. It is the highest winter sports center in Greece that its facilities starting from 2.018m . and end at 2.480m . The ski center on Mount Vora attracts friends skiing and winter sports in general.

Mount Vora ( Kaimakatsalan ) is on the line of the northern border of Greece with the FYROM Mostly covered with dense forests of beech and pine and functional but rare appearances birch . The mountain is determined by the gentle slopes, and has a higher peak Prophet Elias altitude of 2,534 meters. The church at the top of the mountain has built its structural elements cannonballs while built in honor of the victims of Serb victory over the Bulgarians in 1916 .

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Palios Agios Athanasios, Pella, Greece